BBPOS, a leader in payment technology, is looking for the best of the next generation of payment technology innovators. We invite bright, enthusiastic developers with strong, strategically relevant ideas for the mobile payment industry, to enter the 2nd Wise Friends Competition.

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Submit proposal by 18th Apr 2017



Digital payment transactions are pervasive in our daily lives. Mobile payment (mPOS) technology has gained traction and is fast-becoming the preferred choice in payment technology options for retailers, mobile merchants, and progressive entrepreneurs. The 2nd Wise Friends Competition is the first FinTech competition to be hosted in Hong Kong with the aim of encouraging innovation and creative thinking among this new generation of potential mPOS developers.

You will need to present your proposal to a panel of distinguished experts, and rework both the idea and the concept for a final professional presentation and assessment.


Key Elements of All Submissions

The 2nd Wise Friends Competition is looking for highly innovative ideas that have the potential to bring amazing new technology forward and into the marketplace.

All submissions should focus on the development of:

  • Innovative hardware, software, or products related to the electronic payments industry.
  • Realistic ideas that can be produced, implemented, and marketed.
  • A presentation that brings the entire concept to life, and captures the technical aspects of the concept in product renderings, electronic schematics, and/or software flow diagrams.


Who Can Enter

This amazing opportunity is open to student developers who are currently attending universities or technical schools in Hong Kong to form a team of more than 2 people. Team members may crossover different universities or institutes.


Enter the Competition

First—accept the challenge! If you have something unique to offer, then you have the opportunity to bring your ideas and talents to the forefront and be noticed. Once you are committed…

  1.  Complete the online application before 31th Mar 2017.
  2. Attend the competition briefing session.(eligible applicants will be notified and invited to attend briefing session.)
  3. Submit your initial proposal by the proposal deadline.
  4. Incorporate feedback you are given from the judging panel and revise your proposal.
  5. Present your final proposal, including a business plan, concept and/or product, mock ups, designs, and relevant materials to the judging panel.

The Evaluation Team will select the winners after evaluating the presentations and scoring the submission according to the common Evaluation Criteria.


Important Dates Checklist

  • Mar 31 2017: Deadline of submit application online
  • Mar 2017: Eligible teams will be invited to attend an information session
  • Apr 18 2017: Initial proposal with two-page Executive Summary
  • Apr – May 2017: Feedback provided from judging panel
  • Jun 2017: Proposal presentations
  • Jul 2017: Winners selected and announced
  • Aug 2017: Award presented to the winning team


Judging Panel

The evaluation team is comprised of six people:

* Two professionals from BBPOS

* Three academic experts from universities

* Two professionals from the technology industry



There are three prizes in total that you have a chance of winning! A grand prize of HK$70,000; a second prize of $20,000; and a third prize $10,000.



Please contact Ms. Gloria Chan at 3908 0305 or email to for any enquires.